Wood Planking Look – Registered Watermark

Installed by three people in four hours.

The Requirement:

Create the look of wood planking with a logo reading over multiple panels.

The Challenge:

The wood planking look wall must be lightweight and easy to install. Because it is within reach of people on the ground, the logo must printed and perfectly registered over multiple panels.

The Solution:

1.) Working as a partner with our client and their print company, we developed a proprietary wood plank printing incorporating a printed watermark over multiple panels with perfect registration.

2.) Including all hardware, the approximately 3 thick x 48 x 72 panels weighed less than 30lbs. per panel.

3.) Installation was as easy as mounting a couple of templates level and hanging the panels.

4.) The wood planking was engineered to easily be modified for overhead applications.

5.) Three men finished the installation in one-half a day.