Panel Systems for Graphics

From panel facing runs of one, to runs of 500 or more, LamLite has extremely cost effective mounting, fastening and registration systems that create powerful seamless presentations. You can send LamLite your prints to integrate into panel production. LamLite will even transfer your approved print files and coordinate the printing. Or, you can apply your graphics later. Either way, LamLite has the convenience and the graphic delivery system for you. Whether you need cleat systems to hang panels from the wall, or whether you want to mount your panels flush, offset or suspend your panels from the ceiling, LamLite has simple, proven, cost-effective methods that work. LamLite saves money.


This Panel System is 2″ deep x 72″ tall and 20′ long are made as multiple 4′ wide panels, with seamless miter-folded returns on all sides. The client supplied the graphics, which LamLite flawlessly registered. Each panel weighs less than 25 lbs. The complete system cleats to wall – as easy as chalking a line and mounting the panels.

The sign is ready to hang right out of the shipping box. The entire panel is finished at LamLite and shipped as one finished piece with all prints, perfectly registered and applied.