Custom Exhibits / Prototyping

Here’s how LamLite’s makes exhibit makers’ work easy.

You can Snap-In the lightweight, custom LamLite headers or valances in a fraction of the time it takes to install particle board, MDF or plywood constructed components.

Blind fastening techniques enabled by patented LamLite Fastening Systems increase the range, attractiveness and functionality of your designs while keeping your costs down.LamLite enables you to get your work done more efficiently.

If you need to suspend directly from the ceiling, LamLite has that answer, too.

When LamLite is presented with a difficult challenge, the LamLite team will work through it with you and come up with a solution, period.

Bring LamLite your design. Using your drawings, LamLite will create lightweight, easy-to-rig components – available in a virtually unlimited number of finishes.

LamLite enables you to get your work done more efficiently.

9’ wide and 120 feet long, turning a one-half loop, each 10’ hanging panel weighs less than 110 lbs. Cam-Locks enable fastening and suspending via aluminum brackets. Think you can’t stand on LamLite. The car is parked on LamLite panels!

The display wall is 4” thick, 10’ tall and 90 lineal feet and made in 23 – 4′ wide panels. The letters are 6’ tall and 4” thick and weigh less than 35 lbs. per letter, mounted via multiple gripping cleats. Engineer’s stamp provided by EPS.