About LamLite

Lightweight OEM

LamLite is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of lightweight composite panels and custom shapes, serving those creating retail environments and those creating and prototyping custom exhibits since 1987.

Reduce Your Material Costs

LamLite’s vertically integrated process provides rapid turnaround and value by laying-up lightweight composite panels efficiently and then machining those panels as part of a continuous process.

As an OEM, LamLite controls the quality, reliability, delivery and cost of your lightweight composite panels and custom shapes.

You and your clients can choose from virtually an unlimited number of finishes.

Reduce Your Installation Time

LamLite’s unique, proprietary hanging and fastening systems enable you to solve problems, reduce installation time, and prevent headaches.

Blind fastening techniques, enabled by patented LamLite Fastening Systems, increase the range, attractiveness and functionality of your designs. From kit packing to fulfillment, to shipping, to installation, LamLite can:

  • blind ship
  • set-up special deliveries
  • meet unique packing requirements

Reduce Your Workload

LamLite does not print graphics. LamLite can receive your printed graphics, printed on sheet stock and LamLite will use those graphics for the skin of the panel, while maintaining registration panel to panel.

Custom Exhibits and Prototypes

For those tasked with building custom exhibits and prototypes, LamLite is the perfect resource for reducing weight, achieving superior design, simplifying installation, and bringing a greater presence to your design – cost effectively.

A Worldwide Presence

Everyday, worldwide, in thousands of stores, lightweight composite panels and shapes manufactured, machined and delivered by LamLite greet and guide millions of shoppers.

You will be able to take better care of your customers when you work with LamLite.

Your designs will be more stunning and your work more efficient. When LamLite is presented with a challenge, the LamLite team works through it with you and comes up with a solution that works. Period.